PPE europe

PPE Europe: Our goal is to become the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly hygiene and personal protective equipment in Europe. Several sites in Germany and across Europe now manufacture first-rate safety gear, including masks, adult diapers, nonwoven materials, and PPE. This is all because to reshoring.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Using cutting-edge machinery, our plant in Germany is able to manufacture products that not only meet but also exceed the quality standards set by international organizations. Not only do our respirators fulfill all of the regulations for aerosol protection that are now in place and yet to be implemented, but they are also future-proof. This applies to all face masks of a medical grade, including FFP2 masks, according to the regulations.

Our production in Germany addresses the increasing need for highly absorbent adult diapers. Our disposable diapers are characterized by their versatility of use and their absorbent properties. Especially the market for adult diapers is a global growth market addressing the growing elderly population.

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