David Victory’s Fashion Photography

David Victory is a leading fashion photographer in Los Angeles, working with top designers, brands, agencies, editors, and eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Amazo to create stunning lookbooks, advertisements, and promotional videos. Send Your Clothes, Apparel, and Garments to the vrset Fashion District Studio in Downtown vrset 90015 | Professional Fashion Photography in Los Angeles and Orange County, Featuring Top-Notch Models.I take care of everything from casting models to arranging my staff of stylists, makeup artists, hair artists, and assistants to ensure that my customers outside of Los Angeles receive their orders as soon as possible.Although Ecommerce photography is a crucial aspect of your online fashion business, it is best placed as the very last visual a buyer sees before clicking the “add to cart” button. Keep reading!I have established base camps in high-traffic areas, where I have rented out space from nearby businesses to house my equipment and personnel. My Look Book shootings always include one or two female helpers; one may remain at base camp while the other carries a camera backpack and holds two of my speedlites; the third speedlite is mounted on the camera. I never embark on a shoot with fewer than ten 600 class speedlites.Because I like to have a few extra sets of eyes on the model while I am busy with all things photographic, I sometimes bring one of my makeup artists along for a Look Book session, depending on the number of garments shipped to my studio and looks I shoot for the Look Book.Although this requires careful organization, Look Book shoots are typically unorganized and impromptu. Having female helpers, why? We are out shooting on the streets and don’t want to draw attention to ourselves by dressing like a major production company, and these people are experts in hair, cosmetics, and styling.

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